Business Owners, Corporate Professionals, Traders, Parents, Farmers and Anyone Sick of the Grind. 

It’s time to draw the line. Refuse to put up with sharemarket returns that just don’t cut it...


There are traders who are raking in the profits right now, while others have missed out completely.

With the right training and our unlimited ongoing support, you can learn bulletproof trading skills and make serious money from the sharemarket.

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate will show you how to - Unlock how to trade professionally and live life on your own terms...

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You'll easily trade every opportunity, safely and confidently, using your own bullet-proof trading plan. Plus, you'll know deep in your gut how to design and adapt this system - so no-one can ever threaten your livelihood ever again. 

Who's the boss? You are. And you've developed the trading skills to last a lifetime. 

If you feel scarred by the drudge, and you're ready to take control of your trading future, then you're in the right place. This could be the most important information you've ever read.

From the trading desk of Louise Bedford - Australia's best selling author of sharemarket books.

LOUISE BEDFORD                                       

You may have read one of my books about the sharemarket. With over 180,000 copies sold, they've been on Australia's best-seller list of sharemarket books for the past decade.

If you've been finding it tricky to make a buck out of the sharemarket, let me tell you something... 

Trading doesn't have to be a relentless and terrifying struggle anymore. 

Chris Tate and I can show you how to trade with an edge.

With us on your side, you'll never trade alone again, and you'll no longer fear the dips in the market. 

Plus, you have our full ongoing support because you can repeat our Mentor Program as many times as you like for free.

You're about to discover a world of confident, decisive trading, filled with hope for the future - without needing to study the sharemarket for years and years, without reading heaps of books to perfect your skills and without being pummeled by the markets! And you're probably closer than you think...

Look, I’ve been exactly where you are now – filled with hope and determination, but unsure about the best way to unlock the trading money vault. I can tell you one thing – until I committed to my own trading education, I was stuck doing exactly what I had been doing, year after boring year in my job. The monotony was half killing me. But you can... 

...end your frustration now!


Are you sick of...

Being ashamed of your portfolio's performance?

Feeling brutally shell-shocked by changing market conditions?

Attending other seminars, not getting the ongoing support you need, yet knowing that you haven't yet cracked the code?

Knowing in your gut that you deserve better trading results?

then the...

will be a Whole New Beginning For You. 

This is the ONLY Mentor Program in 2024!

Some people seem to leave their dreams behind when they move into adulthood. What a shame! Here is how just some of the people we've trained live their lives today.

Rob McDonald follows the Formula 1 circuit around the world, trading as he goes.

Sally Roche has turned her trading around completely and developed multiple sources of income.

Peter Munro has made more money for his favourite charity than he dreamed would be possible.

Peter Hunt now has the financial security to allow him to retire early and spend time with his family.

These people are now our friends, having coffee with us in the middle of the day, travelling around the world, and developing the lifestyle that others think is only for the chosen few. 

And if you think that this is just hype - think again. These are real people, achieving real results, and if they can do it - why can't you? 

However, one thing you have to ask yourself is -

But why choose us?

Well... it's not just because we have a combined trading history of 50 years. 

We all know that there are some excellent traders who have selfishly played their cards close to their chests. Those types of traders will never share their techniques with you, or anybody, for that matter.

But here's the thing - to our knowledge, (and we’ve done a lot of research), we can’t find anyone who has created more successful traders than we have. 

So not only have we struggled for years and years to find out what works, and what doesn't - the good news is that we're willing to share these strategies with you! 

Our people are addicted to our methods. They stick like glue to our techniques. 

They've seen how they can make money in ANY economy. 

And we can show YOU how.

For some traders, the sharemarket is a hobby. For us - it's an obsession. And, over the years, as you learn and perfect your skills - we'll be right beside you every step of the way.


PLEASE NOTE: The Mentor Program is restricted to a small group size, and we won't be running another one in 2024, so we can spend focused attention with you. Also, there are certain pre-requisites you'll need to fulfil and, of course, there is a fee involved. Now, as you would expect, given the fact that you've got the ability to repeat the Program as many times as you'd like - this opportunity is not inexpensive, nor should it be.


Keep reading and I'll let you know the specific details...

Ever imagined the way your life could be, only to look in the mirror and find that real life is nowhere near as ideal? Have you dreamed of working only when you choose to, but then reality hits with a cold thud, as you drag yourself out of bed on Monday morning? 

Tuck in tight with us and your life could look very different...

Fast-Track your way to 

a new career as a trader.

We’ve been able to guide ordinary people to generate even greater profits out of the sharemarket than they ever believed possible. Some supplement their existing income. Others quit their jobs entirely. The choice is yours...


Altona Meadows,


“I greatly appreciate being able to repeat the course each year" 

"I greatly appreciate being able to repeat the course each year in order to build on my knowledge and strengthen my abilities to create the future I envision. 

"The Mentor Program was fantastic and challenging and will enable me to reach financial independence and allow my husband to stay at home instead of doing "fly-in, fly-out". 

"Thank you both very much for providing such an informative, supportive course that allows us to build systems towards trading success while being supported and nurtured, tested and extended all at the same time." 


General Manager,


“...Jeremy covered the Mentor Program cost twice over in only 2 weeks"

"Every step of the way I felt safe, secure and confident because I knew that what I'd been learning through the Mentor Program was effective. I have covered the course cost twice over in only 2 weeks!

"I can genuinely say that I have only achieved these terrific profits as a direct result of everything you have taught me. I can’t wait for the rest of the course and because I can repeat the Program for free as many times as I like - I know that this is only the beginning."


General Manager,


“Thank you Chris and Louise"

"Simply put, the Mentor Program has started my journey to financial serenity and nothing is bigger or better than that. Thank you Chris and Louise, I have loved the interaction and can’t wait to continue the journey."

Here's Jeremy Nockles and Simon Asher talking about their initial results...

Our traders are making money right now.


In fact, many of them have made incredible profits even when the market was being pole-axed. It’s because they KNOW what others don’t.

As part of our Mentor Program family, you're ready to Dive into profits, no matter which way the sharemarket is trending.

Get inside our minds, learn exactly how we trade, and come out of our training with a complete, bullet-proof written trading plan and our total support.

The Secret is a Superior Trading System 

In just 6 short months, you’ll feasibly know more than your accountant or your financial planner about how to make money out of the sharemarket. 

Here’s just a taste of what you will discover…

How to save a fortune by avoiding the 10 mistakes made by thousands of other traders who haven't trained with us.


How to use the best trading instruments  such as shares, CFDs, options, FX and Futures - to burst through your barriers and develop the skills of a super trader.

WEEK 7, 8, 11, 16 - 20

The 3 methods that exceptional traders use to generate profits regardless of the market direction.


What magnificent traders do that others do not.



This 6-month course kicks off on Saturday, 10th February, 2024

The program is conducted on our exclusive, private, Mentor Program Forum, where you'll revel in the personal tuition that we'll provide. You'll learn in your own time, at your own pace, so it's ideal for crazy-busy people with a lot on. 

So, why are we limiting numbers? Well… quite simply, we need to give incredible support to our fellow traders. Because it's a small group, you’ll have the hands-on support that every exceptional trader requires to hit the ground running. You'll also create lifelong trading friendships along the way. 

Keep in mind though that other Mentor Programs have booked out within the first few hours after we opened for bookings - so you'll need to be super quick.

And remember, you can repeat the course as often as you like 

- for FREE! -


The course is not just for people who have been trading for years. Even if you have just read one of my books or Chris’ books, and you haven’t placed a cent in the market yet, this course is for you. 

To make sure you've got what it takes, though, you’ll need to read the books Trading Secrets and The Art of Trading before we kick off. You'll be able to wrap that up in a weekend easily. 

Also, because the course will utilise the most up-to-date multi-media, you’ll also need a reasonably fast connection to the internet using broadband ADSL or a cable connection and a reliable computer. You'll need the Beyond Charts+ charting package as well.

We have a dedicated software trainer, Scott Lowther, who will help you make this charting package hum. You can start the course using any charting package that you have access to, but Chris and I find that the best performing Mentorees buy Beyond Charts+ before the Mentor Program kicks off.

Click Here to Get Started!

Some of our Mentorees have covered the cost of the Program even before they've finished the first few months!

Well done Paul! We're so proud of you. These people, after doing the Mentor Program, are making money in today's tumultuous market - while others continue to struggle.


You’ll receive brand new, completely up-to-date, never publicly released videos and podcasts to boost your learning curve. 

You can watch them again and again. Chris Tate and I have spent years developing the most sophisticated adult learning methods and trading systems available. 

We short-cut your learning curve, and get you trading profitably as quickly as possible. You will derive immediate benefit. These tools have been independently valued at thousands of dollars, and these are available to you for FREE when you participate in our Mentor Program. 

You’ll also receive choice extracts of our most popular trading products such as my The Secret of Candlestick Charting DVD Program (valued at $995.00), and The Secret of Trading Options Workshop (valued at $695.00), as well as my Trading Psychology Home Study Course (valued at $695.00), as we go through the program.

This is the event  that you'll wish you had attended 20 years ago.

“My trading has managed to pay for the cost of the program more than 20 times over.”

Since being involved in the Mentor Program, my trading has managed to pay for the cost of the program more than 20 times over. 

I’ve been trading for nearly two decades and never really been successful, so the Mentor Program has just turned that right around."

- George Suchenko, North Coast, NSW

"I loved having the confidence of being with people who have done this before. 

My results have gone through the roof! 

“Without the Mentor Program, I can see that I could have lost thousands just getting going."

"The Mentor Program saves time and money. Without the Mentor Program I can see that I could have lost thousands just getting

going. The ongoing support is gold and the fact that you can repeat it was the clincher for me. Louise and Chris were very approachable and inspiring. I feel like I’m part of a big Mentor Program family. Awesome support. In particular, I love the additional support provided by the ‘Buddies’ and the regular catch-ups with other trading mentors. So supportive."

- Susan Ryan, Business Partnership Manager, QLD

Imagine what it would feel like to not have to worry about the future market direction and to know you can make money regardless.

Imagine living your life to its full potential & achieving the incredible trading results that our other Mentorees have attained.

If you want hard-hitting trading education, crammed into 6 thought-provoking months that will turn your trading around, jump on board. 

What results have people achieved after completing the Mentor Program? 

— Watch this following video —

For ordinary people, committed to their own trading success... 


Here are some attendees of previous Mentor Programs with their views on the course.

Please don’t think this is a get-rich-quick seminar. We won’t be going on a wild adventure, and it’s not like money will magically fall into your lap. We’re far more interested in instilling a permanent life change. 

Quite honestly, you’ll never be the same person again! This will take a commitment on your part to apply yourself and focus on what we are presenting. It's essential that you're prepared for this, and that you're willing to put your heart and soul into it. 

I’ve nearly worn myself to a frazzle in the past trying to drag people to success. Unless you really want it, you’re not going to be able to achieve it. 

However, if you’re the right person at the right time, I would love to welcome you into our thriving trading community. If you’re after breakthrough strategies and techniques, if you want to uncover hidden profits that you never knew existed, and if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the training of two confident, world-recognised traders – then you need to book into the Mentor Program now.

Book in now. Later today may be too late.

"The information is given openly..."

"Definitely do it. At least you will learn a ton of information and have the door open to you to be able to start a viable, very lucrative business. If you want a genuine chance at a magnificent life, I can't see a better, more likely option."

Julia Osorio-Martinez 

Driving School owner, WA

"To be able to repeat is a huge bonus."

"There is a lot of content there and you can't absorb it all in one hit, so to be able to repeat is a huge bonus. The Mentor Program has given me some control over my future financial affairs. What we've learned is good for trading but it's also good for our own attitudes in our life circumstances. I'll have the opportunity to do things in retirement we would not have done instead of living week to week."

Jeff Whitman

Property Valuer, ACT

"I was trading blindly before..."

“Chris and Louise, I was trading blindly before. As a direct result of the course, I’ve been able to generate a 50% profit on a couple of the trades I’ve made.”

Dr Joe Papa

Orthodontist, and a successful trader - Melbourne

"I learnt so much..."

“The difference already is so immense I can’t measure it. I think this program has given me a new lease on life and fresh hope. I now feel like I have the freedom to make the choices I want to give my kids the future they deserve.”

Christine Barwise

Systems Analyst and Mum, WA

Special Offer: Book Now and Save $$$

When we work personally with clients our rates are up to $1,500 per hour. For the past few years, I haven't been taking on any more personal clients because we can't keep up with the demand for one-on-one training. 

However, you can gain access to me, my methods, and Chris Tate’s winning strategies for a fraction of the price others have paid in the past. 

When you include all of the time and the bonuses that we’re giving you, the full price of the training is valued at way over $14,995. But because you’re reading about the course right now, you qualify for our massive early bird special!

"Louise, I want to do all of the Mentor Program from the comfort of my own home

I will make a deposit now of $3248.75 and then just 3 monthly payments of $3248.75 (and pay only $12,995 in total) as I am booking in as an Early Bird. 

(I am aware that the full course cost is usually $14,995). 

Take advantage of this massive early bird special. It's a HUGE discount whichever way you look at it! For the 6 months, it's only just a few dollars more at $69 per day! (Given that you can keep on repeating the course in the years to come, the total cost ends up being a pittance of an investment. You'll end up paying more for your daily cappuccino fix, and caffeine isn't going to change your life.) 

Also, considering our personal training fees, this is an absolute bargain. We've made it really easy for you too because it's all done with payment plans. We’re bending over backward to keep this affordable. It’s that important. 

You'll be shocked and delighted at how many juicy techniques you'll pick up, just by being in the same room with us. The people who pick our brains and plug in tight, just seem to kick goals more easily and quickly than those who stay at home - so it will be worth your while to come along. 

If there are any seats left after 1st December, which is highly unlikely, we will be putting up the fee to the full price. You'll kick yourself if you don't move on this, right now.

Many of our traders have told us that there is more information jam-packed into the whole Mentor Program than in a full university degree, all packaged into bite-sized, easy-to-understand chunks. And, I can tell you - any university degree costs a whole heap more than this modest fee. With the correct application of these principles, the rewards to you and your family could be massive.

However you must act now before IT SELLS OUT (strictly limited numbers). 


so I'm putting my money where my mouth is.


so I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

Where & When?

Places are absolutely limited – so it's first in, best dressed. 

We're starting pre-season training in early December, so you'll be prepared for the course to begin on Saturday, 10th Feb 2024. Everything will be done online, so you'll learn in your own time, with our full support all the way.

The Fastest Way To Book is to Book Online Right Now (priority given to online bookings)

Book your place before we sell out!

PLUS - Another Valuable Bonus

You'll also receive our juicy Get a Trading Plan audio program, (valued at $225.00), and specific elements of my Candlestick Charting Home Study Course (valued at $695.00). 

People don’t expect to get so much. These are our gifts to you. These ideas and concepts can be used by any trader to multiply their profits and derive incredible results from the sharemarket. 

While there are still some places left. 

So now, you're at a crossroad. You can either keep on doing what you've been doing, generating the same results, and never getting where you want to be. Or, you can join us and begin your brand new trading life. Because you've got to ask yourself... 

It’s our experience that most traders don’t approach anywhere near their full potential. We bring all of the knowledge together that we’ve learned from trading the markets, and we give these shortcuts to you. If you’re looking for a power boost to get on the right track to trading success, then I urge you to do everything you can to attend. 

If Not The Mentor Program with Louise and Chris, Then What?

The difference between failure and success is action. We’re going to be up close and personal and you owe it to yourself to get involved. I know you're the type of person who follows through. It's in your heart and your gut to become an exceptional trader. 

Louise Bedford 

We’re looking forward to showing you how to gain an unfair advantage in the sharemarket and develop the trading tools to last a lifetime. 

Warm Regards, 

One more thing - The systems we will reveal to you are completely original. Chris and I have only ever released these strategies to our previous Mentorees. Because of the incredibly lucrative nature of these tactics, you must promise not to share them with anyone! They are intended for your private gain only. 

Fair enough? Book Your Place Now!

Take Advantage of our Massive Early Bird Discount before the price goes up!

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will be a Whole New Beginning For You. 

This is the ONLY 

Mentor Program in 2024!


Keep reading and I'll let you know the specific details...


your way to 

a new career

as a trader.

We'll show you our systems,




Later today may be too late.

Book in now.


Special Offer:

Book Now and Save $$$ 

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What are you going to do to generate the types of results that the past Mentorees are achieving? 

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For ordinary people, committed to their own trading success... 


Make sure you see our Frequently Asked Questions, but come back to this page as quickly as you can, or you'll just miss out... again! 

Book in by 1st December 2023 and save yourself a bucket-load.

The Mentor Program is restricted to a small group size, and we won’t be running another one in 2024, so we can spend focused attention with you.


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You are protected by a 100% money back guarantee.

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