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of Louise Bedford

I remember walking out of my last actual job in the mid-90s. No more nice fat bank deposits from my employer.  Trading gives you such freedom, but I had a jittery, butterflies in the stomach type of feeling. The type of feeling you get when you're a bit excited, but also, just before you're about to throw up.


Thank goodness I found my way through the trading wilderness.

If only I had have known a Mentor to help me find my way – I wouldn’t have been so scared about retiring early. I could have felt confident, assured, and happy to put my trading on autopilot as I lived my life to the full.

Now, almost every day, I get emails from traders, asking how they can make it as a trader. They feel uncertain and scared. And, they want it so much, it’s a knife twisting in their gut.

Well... especially if you're new to this game, Chris Tate & I are finally ready to reveal exactly how you can perfect your trading skills.

Louise Bedford

Best-selling author, trader and Mentor

Come to Our 1-Day Event

Put Your Trading on Autopilot


The professional way to analyse charts and determine trend

A step-by-step guide to show you what to trade and when 

The most effective techniques to use to set stops and position size

The specifics the professionals use to raid the markets

Loads of ‘Test Your Skills’ sessions, to make sure the lessons stick. 

A sure-fire trick to get you performing at the top of your game, even if you’ve suffered a few knocks in the past

Ever imagined the way your life could be, only to find that real life is nowhere near as ideal? Now it’s time... your time... the right time for you to become a trader. The markets around the world are on the move. You don’t want to be left behind. 

It’s time to throw away your excuses. Chris and I will get you up and running as a trader within only one day, so you can develop another income stream, bring home the bacon and retire early.

In just 1-day, with our support for 12 months, we’ll give you the skills, the mindset and the methods to get started in the markets... safely... confidently... permanently.


You realise that we have 30+ years of trading experience, don’t you? Chris and I both work from our homes, never more than 2 hours a day, and spend the rest of the time doing exactly what we want to. We’re both independently financially secure, get to travel the world first-class, and spend a whole heap of time with our friends and families as well. 

I don’t know what your definition of success is, but when it comes to living life on your own terms, how are you doing? The vast majority of people work ridiculously long hours for not enough reward and wonder if they’ll ever be able to achieve the success in life they deserve. They feel burned out and just never want to work again! 

Don't let that describe your future. The choices you make today will determine your future tomorrow.

Stick with Chris and me and we'll show you how to short-cut your path to trading success. 

It's no mistake that thousands of traders consider us their unfair advantage in the sharemarket. We put money into share traders' pockets and make it stick, so let us get you started on your trading journey. 

Right now, there are traders, making the most out of every opportunity. They made a decision to depend on themselves, leave nothing to chance, and to surround themselves with people who could lead them towards success.

And don’t just take my word for it.



Last year, the feedback from our 1-day course last year was phenomenal:

Highly motivating and inspiring.

The most impressive aspect is how willing you both are to pass on your knowledge and help others discover the intricacies of trading the markets. That is very refreshing in today’s world, and the passion you both have for your work is extremely infextious! 

Former Credit Manager, QLD




Absolutely Fantastic!

No questions were off limits. I learned so much about the way successful traders approach their trades. Thank you, Louise and Chris, for caring about the trading success of others and sharing this information.



But I do know that getting started as a trader can seem scary. Especially if you’ve tried learning about the markets before, but you’ve given up in the past. You see, without a friend in the business, it can just seem too hard. But take heart. 

This time it will be different. THIS time, you’ve got me and Chris Tate by your side. I can tell you with 100% certainty that in my first 3 years of trading, while I was trying to crack the code, I never realised where I would end up just a few short years down the track. 

I shudder to think where I would be if I had given up and quit this exciting trading game. Above all though, I’m so damn grateful that I escaped my past life. This can be your future too.

Come along to our ‘RETIRE EARLY’ event and you’ll receive 

12 months of Free Support!




You’ll receive 12 months of Trading Game forum membership, completely for free by coming to this one-off event. (Valued at $320.00 per year). 

By using the forum, you’ll find answers to questions that normally takes years of trial and error to answer.

You’ll also get a full 12 months of our Talking Trading Gold service (valued at $297 pa). 

Each month, for a year, you’ll receive a new one-hour recorded interview so you can make use of your ‘down time’ by listening in the car, on your way to work, at the gym, or in the comfort of your own home. (If you’re already a Gold member, let me know & I’ll find an equivalent resource that I’m sure you’ll love). 

And just think: Just one idea... one tip...Could easily recoup your investment hundreds of times over.

Our brand new closed Facebook Group 

With brand new, purpose-built videos for 3 months, (valued at $397pa), you’ll kick-start your trading results in a deliciously supportive, ‘trading- fascinated’ community. 

Spending time with people who were in the same course will help you trade with the pack and clear up any confusion with magical precision. ‘Auto-Pilot Traders’ is the place where you feel at home, comfortable and secure, with buddies to support you as you learn.

But attend this function, and it’s yours for free. That’s how serious we are about your trading future.


You’ll feel it in your gut.

We're closing bookings soon, so now is your chance...

Come along for only $597 (inc GST) for the day, which includes all course materials, morning/afternoon tea and lunch. 

You'll also qualify for over $1000.00 of free bonuses and 12 months of support – which represents extraordinary value. Places are absolutely limited – so it's first in, best dressed. 

Make no mistake – the fee will be going up so you need to act right now... 
The day will run from 9.00am – 5.30pm, in these States: 

I challenge you to get real and honest with yourself...

is 2019 going to be the same as every other year?

Stretch, strive, and dare to let your imagination run wild about what you are capable of achieving. The best traders do it, and so can you. 

I love the freedom that money gives me and my family, and the choices it opens up. It gives me the power to say "no" and "yes". "No" to a 9 to 5 job that sucks the very youth out of my cells. "Yes" to better education choices for my children and better holidays for my husband and me. Money gives me the ability to create my own world, where others don't dictate the terms.

Where I make decisions out of desire, not need. 

A world that you, as a student of the markets, can join - by following our footsteps. 

Come and spend the entire day with me and Chris Tate, and you’ll get our cutting edge techniques to drive strength into your trading this year, and forever. 

Because you’re a beginner/intermediate trader, by now I’m sure you can see the absolute value of this offer. And getting started is easy. Simply click the button below and get started right now.

This is a tiny decision... but potentially... a life-changing decision.  You know you want to be in the room. No… I take that back… you NEED to be in the room. 

In your heart … you know that unless you take a step… unless you take action – nothing in your life will change. 

It is time to take action. Reports of good results are already flooding through to us. You need to have a laser focus to bring in the dollars, and we can show you exactly how to do it. 

Warm regards,

Louise Bedford

PS — Things are picking up in the markets.

PPS — Decisive traders come out on top, every time

If you’re serious about boosting your trading results, I urge you to attend this exclusive event.

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And sure - you could side-step attending. and just continue feeling the same swirl of anxiety about how retirement will work out for you...

But why keep struggling?

Why keep trying to escape on your own, when we can simply hand you the key to your cage?