TRADERS! Stop sitting on the sidelines

You’re watching others enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve

Full-time traders seem like super-heroes... Retiring early, dodging unproductive years working for someone else’s dreams, and using their super powers to give them a first-class lifestyle.

Until now the secrets of full-time traders have been shrouded in mystery... and inaccessible to mere mortals. But... blam... kapow... Louise Bedford and Chris Tate are going to reveal these secrets faster than a speeding bullet.

Best Part: In just 1-day, with our support for 12 months, we’ll give you the skills, the mindset and the methods to finally slam the employment door behind you.


A short term system that will bring in the immediate cashflow you need

A medium term system to grow your wealth

Specific steps to create an income explosion

Practical, results-driven actions that you need to take right now to renew your passion and power

How you can trade full time

We’re going to show you how to trade full time!

Heck, we should know how... We’ve both been full time traders since the 1990s.

Well, we don’t mean to boast, but we get to live the life of our dreams every single day. We’re both independently financially secure, get to travel the world first-class, and spend a whole heap of time with our friends and families as well. I don’t know what your definition of success is, but when it comes to living life on your own terms, how are you doing?

The vast majority of people work ridiculously long hours for not enough reward and wonder if they’ll ever be able to achieve the success in life they deserve. They feel burned out and just never want to work again!

For the very first time we’ll be revealing strategies that allowed us both to become full-time traders... but only to a small, select group of people, who want to short cut their learning curve and be spoon-fed 30 years of experience from two trading veterans.

You’re probably trading already... whether a little or a lot, or somewhere in between. Or at least, trading has sparked your interest and made your heart beat a little faster – even if you haven’t quite begun yet.

But for many traders, they are stuck, too fearful to move their trading to the next level. They lack the critical skills and knowledge so they must sit on the sidelines, forever on the outside looking in.

Well... it’s time to explode the myths of trading full-time, give you specific back-tested systems for short term and medium term trading, and make you accountable for your results.


PLUS, come along to our ‘Trading Full Time’ event and you'll receive 12 months of Free Support!

You’ll receive 12 months of Trading Game forum membership, completely for free by coming to this one-off event. (Valued at $320.00 per year). 

By using the forum, you’ll find answers to questions that normally takes years of trial and error to answer.

You’ll also get a full 12 months of our Talking Trading Gold service (valued at $297 pa).

Each month, for a year, you’ll receive a new one-hour recorded interview so you can make use of your ‘down time’ by listening in the car, on your way to work, at the gym, or in the comfort of your own home. (If you’re already a Gold member, let me know & I’ll find an equivalent resource that I’m sure you’ll love).

And just think: Just one idea... one tip...Could easily recoup your investment hundreds of times over.

With purpose-built videos for 3 months via our exclusive Facebook Closed Group, (valued at $397 pa), you’ll kick-start your trading results in a deliciously supportive, ‘trading-fascinated’ community.

 Spending time with people who were in the same course will help you trade with the pack and clear up any confusion with magical precision. ‘Trading Heroes’ is the place where you feel at home, comfortable and secure, with buddies to support you as you learn.

But attend this function, and it’s yours for free. 

That’s how serious we are about your trading future.

The whole day of training with Chris & Louise, PLUS all bonuses, is ONLY $597.00.

That's outstanding value!

Yes, that includes over $1000.00 of free bonuses and 12 months of support – which represents extraordinary value. 
Places are absolutely limited – so it's first in, best dressed.

The day will run from 9.00am – 5.30pm, in SYDNEY:


PLUS, come along to our ‘Trading Full Time’ event and you'll receive 12 months of Free Support!

If you want to become the super-trader for your family, we’ll give you our super-powers. 

We’re not going to expect you to run faster than a speeding bullet, or get bitten by a radioactive spider ... but we do only want to work with motivated, individuals who sincerely wish to make a go of trading full-time... and who are willing to put in the hard yards at first, so they can reap the rewards later.

If you’re not willing to make this opportunity work... to put the effort in now so you can reap the rewards down the track... then please don’t get involved. We’ll be too busy helping genuine traders succeed.

Not everyone wants to wear their undies on the outside of their tights... and that’s OK...

If you’re looking for a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’ where you can sit back and get us to do all the work for you … then think again. It’s not going to happen. 

But if you know in your gut that you want your own trading business on your own terms, (and maybe you’ve always wondered what it would be like to get a spandex wedgie), then I urge you to enrol now.


The sad truth is that when we ran a similar 1-day course last year, it booked out early, and a whole heap of disappointed people missed out. Use your X-Ray vision and realise that this is likely to happen again... so don’t delay. 

Is this YOUR moment? The moment you look back on and say: “That event was when my life took off?”

This program has the potential to bring in much, much more than the cost. In fact if truth be told... what you will learn in the program is a lifetime skill. How much is that worth to you? Or more importantly... how much is it worth to have the life you really want?

and Just Think...

No more sitting on the sidelines watching the big boys and girls get all the action...

No more worries about whether you’ll be able to leap that tall building...

No more fear about trading full-time...

Just a new found confidence in your ability to trade and trade well in the booming markets around the world.

Take off those ‘Clarke Kent glasses’, and reveal your trading hero within.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you inside this exclusive and close-knit community.

Invest now and get involved with this amazing, life changing training. 

Every now and then life offers you an amazing opportunity. This may be it, so don’t miss out.

to give our participants a safe space to share. It’s not often you get to be in a private room with these kind of traders, and I am honoring that space for my attendees by not commoditising this rare opportunity.

the skills, confidence and knowledge to trade professionally.Once only the playground of the big boys and girls, this is your chance to boost your trading skills and be a part of this exclusive community of savvy super traders.


See You There!

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